5 Remarkably Simple Tips to Find Your Perfect Ring Size

5 Remarkably Simple Tips to Find Your Perfect Ring Size

While an accessory can often look fabulous on the screen, reality can sometimes be a squeeze.

In today’s visual world, we have enough online ‘eye food’ to make shopping a breeze. However, when it comes to size, buying a ring can be more than a little tricky.

So, how can you avoid going for the wrong fit?

Standardized sizes can certainly help, however with things to consider such as style, brand and wear, it can take a few (or more) attempts to get it right.

Here are 5 tips you can follow to help get it right the first time:


  1. Use a tape measure or a ruler.

Certain sites will advise you to use a string to measure your finger and this may seem like a clearly logical and practical way of getting a reading. The truth is that this measurement tends to be too snug on the finger you are measuring and thereby likely to get you ordering the wrong size. Try using a tape measure if you have one, or a ruler across an old ring. Using the inner diameter measure of the ring from a ruler will help you find the corresponding size on a size chart. This will give you far more accuracy than a piece of thread.

Ring by Ruler


  1. Measure your finger at room temperature

 We know it sounds far-fetched, but temperature makes a difference. Your fingers can swell up a little in warmer environments and shrink in cold ones. It’s best to purchase a ring that fits well at a common temperature, so if you’re about to do some measuring make sure you’re not sitting in icy conditions or sweltering in England’s new tropical climate.

England Weather Pie Chart

  1. Know the different ring standards

In some countries such as the US, ring sizes go up and down on a numerical scale. The sizes are further broken down into half sizes and quarter sizes. In the UK, ring sizes are alphabetical with half sizes and in Europe, rings are often displayed in their millimetre internal circumference values. Using an international size chart can help you determine the correct size if the store uses sizes that aren’t local. As with clothing, ring sizes can vary slightly based on brand and even country. So despite the standardized sizes, you may be used to, it may be worth it to double check the millimetre measurement with your chosen store’s product descriptions.



  1. Pay attention to the style

Broad rings have a different fit on the finger and have to be taken into consideration. If you’ve done your homework previously with a standard width ring and have settled on a size that seems to fit more often than not, a broad ring style could require something different. Of course, this goes for multi-band rings as well.


Love Faith Hope 3 Band Ring Wide Style RingSimple Ring

  1. Make sure you know your online store’s policy

Some stores might not have a problem with multiple returns to get that elusive perfect fit, but others might be more averse to it. There is usually a specific replacement or return period so be sure to double check this. It’s always good to know how you can tackle any potential sizing issues after the order has been made. For example, while some online stores have resizing facilities, personalisation often results in the voiding of return features.


Ultimately, there should be a sense of ease to your retail experience. After all, that’s why you’re shopping online. Remember, your future ring needs to fit comfortably under different conditions, so measure accordingly. Pay attention to country standards, and style and, lastly, make sure to know the site’s exchange policy and you’ll be fine.

Happy Shopping! 

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