13 Reasons Why You Should Choose Silver

Silver rings, a silver necklace and other silver jewellery on a woman

Silver is in vogue! But I do remember a time when this wasn’t the case.

As an ever-curious kid, I used to go through my mum’s jewellery box and spend hours playing pretend as I walked around our house showing off her big gold earrings and long glistening gold necklaces. I felt elegant and grown up when I wore her golden jewels. I remember she had a whole compartment dedicated to chunky gold brooches and colourful gemstones.

Now that I’m older (*ahem* I mean wiser!), I only own one or two pieces of gold jewellery. I sold all my gold christening presents a long time ago, in-between one move or another, leaving my jewellery box primarily filled with silver accessories.

Silver appears to have surpassed gold in popularity over the last couple of decades, but what makes it such an attractive metal, other than it’s unique shine, that is?

Well, I’ve gone out in search of answers, and I’ve come back with not one, not two, but a solid 13!


  1. It’s the perfect compromise between expensive pieces and cheap costume jewellery

In a fast-paced world, where looks go in and out of fashion as quick as the weather changes in London, not everyone can afford to buy or renew their gold accessories every six months. But if you're not a fan of wearing high street jewellery made of brass or other cheap metals due to their early expiration date, silver bridges the gap between quality and value.

  1. It’s long-lasting

Have you ever seen Victorian jewellery that dates back to 1893? The pieces look so lustrous that if it wasn’t for the scratches inflicted by time and wear, they would probably pass as new. Silver can tarnish when exposed to various elements, but once polished it goes back to its original shine.

  1. It generates renewable energy

Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals, and it's the most reflective. These physical properties make it a highly valued industrial metal and an essential component when it comes to building solar panels and converting the sun's rays into electricity. Maybe you should try wearing a thick silver necklace while sunbathing and see if you feel recharged after 😉.

  1. You can take it anywhere

Silver can safely be kept at home or taken abroad. No safes necessary! And you definitely won’t need to purchase a cheaper version to take on holiday with you. It’s also very unlikely you’ll be left tied up in a bathtub in Paris while two men do the offski with your most prized metallic possessions.

  1. It can be recycled

If you are tired of your silver accessories, you can melt them and create something from scratch. All those old silver presents left to tarnish in your bottom drawer could potentially be melted down and used to create a stunning personalised necklace. This means no bad feelings about getting rid of gifts, more storage space and one more item to show off with your outfit.

  1. It’s valuable

Even though it’s affordable, silver is still the most precious metal after gold. It could even be a great investment, safer than bitcoin some might say.

  1. It’s ethical

The fact that we can melt silver and reuse it countless times gives it a sustainability factor. By purchasing recycled silver items only, the demand for new silver can be eased and less silver will be mined. We can be good to our Earth and still look fashionable.

  1. It has antibacterial features

Because silver ions are bacteria static, silver is used as an emergency drinking water disinfectant and installed in water filters to prevent microbial regrowth. In South Africa, there are some facilities that disinfect the water using clay water pots infused with silver particles. A silver ring is basically a portable disinfectant!

  1. It looks great with gemstones

You can set any stone you like on silver and it will always look amazing. I dare you to find a colour that doesn’t go with silver!

  1. Friendly to skin

Did you know that 10 to 20% of the population is allergic to nickel? Nickel is a great naturally occurring metallic element with a high melting point. It’s resistant to corrosion and oxidation and is incredibly ductile. Nickel is predominantly used in the production of stainless steel, which in turn is used for making jewellery. However, if your immune system finds nickel harmful, you might want to consider silver as it has many of the same advantages as nickel but is not likely to have a negative impact on sensitive skin.

  1. It’s versatile.

Silver is modern, alluring and sparkly. It’s glamorous, sophisticated and complements any outfit regardless of the time of day. It allows you to play with your look based on your mood and style.

  1. It has feminine associations

Silver is commonly associated with the moon and its feminine energy. It symbolises the maternal influence and fertility. Like the moon, silver requires darkness to enhance its beauty, not dissimilar to a photographer’s dark room. In astrology, silver is also associated with the Cancer star sign.

  1. It has purifying and soothing properties

Silver is believed to help with the releasing of mental, physical and emotional blockages. It’s said that it deflects negative energy and inspires intuition while also illuminating the way forward with its light reflective properties.


There are many reasons why silver is a great choice. It seems one can’t go wrong with adding it to their wardrobe and its current popularity shows that more people than ever are opting for this lighter precious metal.

These are the 13 reasons I found, but if I’ve missed a few, go ahead and leave a comment!



Author: Eleonora Ferlito

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