The Ultimate Guide to Hoop Earrings: Hoop Styles Explained

The Ultimate Guide to Hoop Earrings: Hoop Styles Explained

Finding the right hoop earrings can feel a little overwhelming. With so many styles, closures, and sizes out there, it's easy to get lost. But fear not! This guide is here to make things easier for you. We'll break down the different types of hoop earrings and help you find your ideal pair, so you can shop with confidence. We promise it will be hoops of fun! ūüėČ

Huggie Hoops

Huggies are small and hug your earlobe tight, hence the name, duh! They're snug and small, making them great for everyday wear or adding a touch of elegance to your evening outfit. Classic hinge huggies usually have a click or snap closure - when you close the earring, you'll usually hear or feel a little click, letting you know they're secure. On the other hand, many huggie earrings come with a latch back or butterfly back.

Huggies are optimal for first, second or third lobe piercings. Depending on the size and design, they also complement upper lobe piercings.

Sleeper Hoops

Sleeper¬†hoops are¬†sometimes referred to as infinite or endless hoops.¬†While we¬†always discourage wearing jewellery to bed ūü§ď, spontaneous naps can happen! That's where sleeper earrings come in handy‚ÄĒthey're designed for all-day wear, including during sleep (ahem, we still don't recommend it!). The ends of the hoop appear seamlessly joined together, creating a continuous or¬†almost continuous circle.¬†Thin and lightweight sleepers, designed for comfort and ease of wear, are particularly suitable for new piercings.

A sleeper hoop typically consists of a slim wire or post on one end that is inserted into a hollow tube on the other end to secure the earring. Top-hinged sleepers with are a little easier to open, whereas people often struggle with opening non-hinged sleepers with a spring closure. The trick is to open them sideways, not by pulling the ends apart. This keeps the hoop's shape intact.

Many sleepers feature a bottom hinge or side hinge, enabling you to separate the hoop into two halves. Some will have a notched tip that can be clipped into the other end of the hoop, creating the illusion of an uninterrupted loop. These hoops must be thin enough for a standard piercing as they lack a traditional post. Bottom hinge sleepers may also boast a snap closure, akin to huggies, or a classic tube closure.

A simple kind of small sleeper hoop is a round wire that you open sideways, pass through the piercing, and then close by pushing both ends together.

Charm Hoops

Cute little charms can add a fun, personal touch to your hoops. From cool nature-inspired trinkets to unique celestial pieces, they give regular hoops a playful upgrade, perfect for spicing up your outfits.

Sleeper hoops and huggie hoops are favourites for adding charms as they are usually thin enough to hold your preferred charms, letting you easily add or remove charms whenever you want. Hinged charm hoops usually come with the charms pre-attached. Hoops with butterfly backs are also a good choice so long as they have a flat or ball end to stop the charm from sliding off. No-one wants that! Some hoops feature small loops at the bottom, where you can attach your charms securely. 

Charm hoops are great for ear parties! They mix well with other earring styles, giving you a cool, curated look that shows off your unique vibe.

Hinged Hoops

Hinged hoops are known for being super user-friendly since they open and close without too much fuss. For those who regularly alternate their earrings, they offer both style and convenience

Hinged hoop earrings often feature saddlebacks (also referred to as latch backs). Saddleback hoops are characterized by a curved post that conforms to the shape of the earlobe, secured by a small notch or ridge. Other types of hinged hoops are made with top hinge or snap closures, as detailed in 'Sleeper Hoops' and 'Huggie Hoops'.

Extra Large or Oversized Hoops

Very big hoop earrings are a fashion statement! They come in all styles, from sleek and classy to bold and daring, so there's a pair for every occasion. Due to their size, these will usually feature a butterfly back or a saddleback closure.

Extra-large hoops are perfect for the main lobe piercing, adding a bold touch and injecting some drama into your style. 

Chubby Hoops

Chubby hoops, with their thick, curved silhouette, offer a trendy spin on the traditional hoop. Their chunkiness makes them a bold statement piece, but when they're smaller, they exude a minimalist vibe.

Based on their thickness and shape, both domed hoops and chunky hoops (see below) may also be referred to as chubby.

Chunky Hoops

Chunky hoops come in various sizes‚ÄĒextra-large, large, medium, and small‚ÄĒbut what sets them apart is their bold and thick appearance. Common chunky designs¬†include round tube hoops, square tube hoops, dome hoops (which have a rounded, bulbous shape), and twisted rope hoops.

Dome Hoops

Dome hoops stand out with their rounded, dome-like shape. Their lustrous, tapered surface catches the light beautifully. From small and subtle to large and statement-making, domed hoop earrings add a modern and chic touch to any outfit with their fun semi-circular design.

Dome huggies with a snap closure are bang on trend and look great as part of an ear party. Larger domed hoops, on the other hand, typically have a saddleback closure.

Half Hoops

Half hoops present a modern twist, mimicking the appearance of a full hoop from the front while featuring a distinctive semi-circle or C-shape. This style suits those who like the hoop style but prefer a subtler look. They can also be budget-friendly since less silver is used in their production. To maintain their incomplete shape, they mostly sport butterfly backs. If they're petite, they might also be called cuff or huggie hoops.

Open half hoop earrings elegantly curve around the back of your earlobe, displaying the stylish adornment that doubles as a stopper, along with a peek of the hoop. Putting these earrings on is a breeze thanks to their playful pull-through system!

Croissant Hoops

Croissant hoop earrings feature a curved, crescent-like design that mimics the shape of a croissant. With a twisted, rope-like texture, these hoops make them a super stylish pick for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd!

Croissant hoops come in various sizes and thicknesses, and their resemblance to retro or classic jewellery styles gives them that irresistible vintage charm. Want to channel some serious mob-wife vibes? Croissant hoops are the way to go!

Cartilage Hoops

From minimalist designs to decorated options, cartilage hoops offer a way to extend your ear embellishment beyond the lobe, adding a subtle yet unique flair to your ear party,

This petite hoop is suitable for various parts of the ear, including the upper ear, which encompasses the helix, tragus, and rook piercings. They're also popular for daith and conch piercings.

A captive bead ring is a type of cartilage hoop with a removable ball bead. The bead is indented on both sides and stays in place due to the tension between the two ends of the ring. Some cartilage hoops are hinged with a click closure, allowing you to open and close the earring with ease. Others are continuous, meaning they don't have a traditional closure but are bent into a circle, with the ends meeting.

Illusion Hoops

Illusion hoops, designed to create the effect of a conch or helix hoop, floating hoops or multiple hoops through a single piercing, are like magic for your ears!

Lots of illusion hoop designs let you rock a multi-piercing style, making the most of your piercings. They are a favorite among ear party enthusiasts as they mimic the appearance of stacked hoops.

Claw earrings, twist or spiral hoops, multi-hoops, and ear cuffs are four fabulous examples of illusion hoops!

Multi-Hoops (Triple or Double Hoops)

Multi-hoops simulate the effect of wearing several hoops simultaneously, providing a multi-layered look in a singular piece. This cool design adds visual interest, perfect for creating a curated jewellery look with minimal effort. Illusion hoops like these typically feature a butterfly back or saddleback closure.

Multi-hoop earrings are perfect for those desiring complex ear décor without extra piercings. Search interlocking hoops, twist hoops, double huggies or claw earrings for some adorable examples of this earring style. 

Claw Earrings

Claw earrings derive their name from their distinctive claw-like design. These earrings feature curved metal claws or talons that wrap around the earlobe, creating a striking and edgy look. These stud earrings give you the appearance of wearing multiple small hoops without needing multiple piercings!

They add a touch of fierceness and attitude to any outfit, making them a popular choice for those looking to make a unique fashion statement.

Spiral or Twist Hoops

Embrace the layered hoop trend hassle-free, no extra piercings required!

Illusion twist hoops feature a clever spiral design, making them incredibly easy to slip on. You just need to insert the hoop and twist until the spiral rests snugly against your earlobe.

Got multiple piercings already? Add these to your ear party to give the appearance of even more piercings!

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs hug your outer ear, giving you that punk-inspired vibe without needing a piercing. With plenty of options, whether it's sleek bands or sparkly CZ designs, there's always something to match your ear party look.

Ear cuffs are perfect for jazzing up your outer ear cartilage. They add a cool factor and let you express yourself in fun and creative ways!

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