Shining Bright: The Benefits of Using Goddard's Long Term Silver Polish

Shining Bright: The Benefits of Using Goddard's Long Term Silver Polish

Sterling silver is a precious metal and like all precious things, silver requires care to keep it gleaming. Enter Goddard's Long Term Silver Polish, an esteemed product in the world of 925 silver care. We certainly love it! See our tips below on how to use this fantastic product.


Achieving the Perfect Shine: How to Use Goddard's Long Term Silver Polish

The beauty of Goddard's Silver Polish is in its efficacy and ease of use. For obvious reasons, we have a well-established silver care routine. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting that perfect shine:

1. Preparation: Begin by ensuring the silver item is dust-free. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe it.

2. PolishingOnce you've shaken your bottle of Goddard's Silver Polish, apply a small amount to a cloth, and then gently rub the silver in circular motions.

3. Buffing: Allow the polish to dry, then use a fresh section of the cloth to buff the silver, bringing out its radiant shine.

With the task completed, take a step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your silver will appear as though it's fresh from the craftsman's workshop! Learn more about 925 silver care here.


Our Bonus Tips

For hard-to-reach areas, apply a small amount of polish to a cotton bud and wipe off the excess before addressing the tarnished area.

For intricate pieces or jewellery with crevices, rub the solution into the cloth or cotton bud before polishing to prevent buildup. Additionally, you may need to rinse off the polish, but remember to dry the item immediately afterward!

For minor tarnishing, use a cotton wool bud dipped in polish. After a thorough but gentle rub, wipe it down with a silver polishing cloth (FYI, every Silverly order includes a special silver cleaning cloth, not just gift wrap!).

For more prominent tarnishing or very old jewellery, we employ a three-step approach:

1. First, we place the silver item in a silver dip. The immersion time varies based on the tarnish's severity – it can range from mere seconds to a little longer.

2. Once removed and visually inspected for cleanliness, we apply the Long Term Silver Polish using a silver cloth, focusing on the previously tarnished areas.

3. A final buff with a silver polishing cloth leaves the piece looking pristine.✨

Important to note: If your silver jewellery features intentional black oxidized designs, refrain from using the silver dip, as it will remove these design elements. Instead, take care to polish around the oxidized areas.


Why We Love This Brand

For over a century, Goddard's has been a beacon of trust in the realm of silver care. What makes it so special?

Consistency: Over the years, Goddard's has consistently provided high-quality results. It’s no surprise that it’s the preferred choice for many silver aficionados worldwide.

Superior Cleaning Power: Goddard's Long Term Silver Polish is not just about adding a temporary sheen. It cleans deeply, ridding silver of tarnish, dirt, and age spots that other cleaners might miss.

Protective Abilities: More than just cleaning, the polish leaves behind a protective film. This shield delays tarnish formation, ensuring your silver stays gleaming for longer.

Safety: While the formula is tough on tarnish, it's gentle on silver. You can be confident that the metal's integrity remains uncompromised.


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