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Anti-Tarnish Strips Static Intercept Tabs 5 Pack

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Anti-Tarnish Strips Static Intercept Tabs 5 Pack

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Protect your sterling silver jewellery with our 1" x 1" Anti-Tarnish Static Intercept Tabs, available in a convenient 5-pack. These non-abrasive, anti-static strips prevent tarnish and corrosion without harming metals or gemstones. Using breakthrough Static Intercept® technology, developed by AT&T/Lucent Technologies, these tabs neutralize tarnish-causing gases, ensuring your precious items remain pristine in storage.

  • Ideal for use in jewelry boxes, pouches, or zip-lock bags.
  • Great for sterling silver and gold.
  • Provides up to 12+ months of protection, depending on the container's seal.
  • Store your precious metals in a clean, dry container and include a strip for protection.
  • Safe for direct contact with any metal or gemstone.