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Anti-Tarnish Medium Intercept Zip-Lock Bags - 4

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Anti-Tarnish Medium Intercept Zip-Lock Bags - 4" x 4"

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Keep your jewellery shining bright with our 4" x 4" Anti-Tarnish Medium Intercept Zip-Lock Bags. These bags use advanced Intercept Technology€ž¢ to protect against tarnish, keeping your pieces looking like new. Corrosion Intercept® is an innovative technology that combines reactive copper particles with a polymer matrix. This matrix reacts with and neutralizes corrosive gases, creating a barrier.

  • Medium-sized anti-tarnish bags ideal for organizing and protecting your jewelry while maintaining its luster and value.
  • Transparent film on both sides provides clear viewing inside.
  • The airtight seal ensures secure storage, preserving brilliance for up to 3 years.
  • Suitable for both sterling silver and gold, as well as safe for gemstones.
  • Non-toxic, fully recyclable eco-friendly design with reduced landfill time.
  • Temperature and humidity independent.
  • Great for travel.
  • No chemicals or oils emitted, leaving no residue on protected items.
  • Clean and non-abrasive, ensuring protected items remain scratch-free.
  • When the copper color changes to gray or black, it's time to replace the Intercept package.