Find Your Ideal Bangle Size: A Step-by-Step Guide

Selecting the right size for your silver bangles is crucial for ensuring comfort and elegance. Our guide will help you find your ideal fit when purchasing a bangle. Read on for two very easy ways to find your bangle size.

Method 1: Measure Your Hand or Wrist Based on the Style of Bangle

Recognize the type of silver bangle you wish to purchase, as each style has unique sizing requirements.

Open Bangles & Wrist Cuffs - Measure Your Wrist
These pieces come with a gap, making them easy to slip on. Most open styles are adjustable so likely to fit most wrists anyway. Wrist cuffs are thicker and should be worn snugly around your wrist. For these, match the size to your wrist circumference. For open bangles, choose your size for a snug fit or go half a size up for a looser feel.
✨TIP: Our adjustable bangles may only come with a length measurement. Use a measuring tape to assess the fit, factoring in the gap between the ends.
Hinged Bangles - Measure Your Wrist:
Hinged silver bangles open on a hinge and close with a clasp, fitting comfortably over the wrist. Select the size that matches your wrist circumference. Opt for a snug fit or go half a size up for a looser look.
Closed Bangles - Measure Your Hand: 
For closed silver bangles, base your choice on your hand size. Position your hand as though you're about to wear a bangle. Wrap a measuring tape around your knuckles, including the thumb knuckle, noting the measurement where it overlaps. For a looser fit, opt for one size up.
TIP: A snug fit should allow you to easily slide a finger around the inside. 

    Method 2: Measure the Diameter of an Existing Bangle That Fits You Well

    If you own a well-fitting bangle, measuring its internal diameter will help determine the right size for your next bangle purchase. Position a ruler or straight measuring tape beneath the bangle. Measure across the middle, from one inner edge to the other.

    ✨TIP: To calculate the circumference from the diameter, multiply the diameter by 3.14 (C = 3.14 x D) or use an online converter.

    Bangle Size Chart

    Wrist Size (inches/cm) Bangle Inner Diameter (inches/cm) Bangle Inner Circumference (inches/cm)
    5.5" / 14 cm 1.7" / 4.4 cm 5.4" / 13.8 cm
    5.9" / 15 cm 1.9" / 4.8 cm 5.9" / 15.1 cm
    6.3" / 16 cm 2.0" / 5.2 cm 6.5" / 16.4 cm
    6.7" / 17 cm 2.2" / 5.6 cm 7.0" / 17.7 cm
    7.0" / 18 cm 2.4" / 6.0 cm 7.5" / 19.0 cm
    7.5" / 19 cm 2.5" / 6.4 cm 8" / 20.3 cm
    7.9" / 20 cm 2.7" / 6.8 cm 8.5" / 21.6 cm
    8.3" / 21 cm 2.8" / 7.2 cm 9" / 22.9 cm
    8.7" / 22 cm 3.0" / 7.6 cm 9.5" / 24.2 cm
    9.1" / 23 cm 3.1" / 7.9 cm 10" / 25.4 cm
    9.4" / 24 cm 3.3" / 8.3 cm 10.5" / 26.7 cm

    Note: This chart is a guide. Sizes can vary between different bangle styles. Feel free to contact us directly if you require further verification.